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In SFDC work trust mean the SLA that talks about the SFDC UP time

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Difference between Salesforce status site & status-ins site

I have come across two status sites for Salesforce. One is and another being I am able to find the instance of my org on status....
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What are examples of performance degredation which *don't* get posted on

My org had a temporary performance degredation with regards to a custom index on a particular field in a custom object 2 months ago. This was confirmed in writing by Salesforce Support in the ticket ...
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Salesforce Trust api Call from salesforce

Salesforce provided some apis to make a request and get the salesforc staus in anwhere(like in other app) for dashboards perspectives. I am not able to get how i can use get request in workbench for ...
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upgrade schedule from

Is there anyway to get the upgrade schedule from aka the Trust API? What I'd like to do is for a given instance find out this info that they list on their ...
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What is the time format in the Salesforce Trust API

The Salesforce Trust API returns the time in the following format:- 2017-01-26T02:57:00.000Z How is this time to be interpreted?
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Salesforce Trust API

I am trying to automate the process of checking for an outage or service degradation for my particular instance and send an email to out Help Desk with the instance id and start time of the incident. ...
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Trust Calendar - 404 Page Not Found?

This morning I attempted to access the Trust Calendar and have been receiving 404 Page not Found. Does anybody have any insight into this? It's sort of ironic right, a site you are supposed to trust ...
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#NA14 outage - Find out on which instance are my ISV package subscribers

NA14 just was offline for nearly a full day and data of many hours of data is just lost. Besides pointing our customers to as an ISV we want to proactivly react and contanct ...
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Which kind of issues will be shown at and which issues will be omited?

In the context of a different question, we encountered a deployment performance degradation on EU5 of between 6000% to 10000% using Metadata-API. This means that work (saving a single APEX file to the ...
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NA4 [Was] Splitting - Updating URLs On Buttons And Other Admin-Level Places (not Apex)

Original question related to this: Searching "everything" in Salesforce So there was an answer involving an "ant script", which is no use to me. I am comfortable enough (I thought) with ...
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SFDC European Data Center experiences

I see a new EU5 instance on which has a 'LON' hovertext over it, assumingly referring to London. I can imagine some companies might be interested in having their data hosted in ...
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reduced latency and improved transaction speed since new data centre opens

I wonder if there is a direct reduction in transaction time for EU based customers as a result of the new data centre that opened in the UK last week (w/c 27th Oct '14), we have noticed a reduction in ...
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API for

Is there a public API available to access the information? (or) Is it possible to set up monitors to get automatic updates if there are performance issues/degradation with a ...
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SF System Status page - how to see entries older than 33 days?

Where can I see this data that is older than 33 days? More specifically, I need to know if there were any issues with NA13 instance on 3/25/14 at 2:30 PM EST, but the oldest data this site is ...
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What are the details of the Salesforce SLA, specifically the maximum downtime?

As a developer, my customers rely on constant connectivity to and therefore need to know what the SLA is for services in the event of a service disruption? Is there a ...
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