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Create a master-detail relationship between a custom object and Opportunity - upon creation of the custom object [closed]

I thought I would have found several previous answers to guide me, but I haven’t. Each quarter I want to track a set of KPIs for a deal. I have therefore created a Salesforce custom object called ...
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Add contact to Account if Account doesnt have any contact

I need to write a trigger in which If I have an Account named 'Smith' and it doesnt have any related contacts when It is edited, its contact is created. I am doing this way but I am getting an error. ...
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Call an external API upon new user creation

Is there a way to call an external REST API from Salesforce once a new user (customer) has been created in the system? This should be an automatic process and the API will be called right after the ...
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More than 100 opportunities should not be created by a user

A user can not create more than 100 opportunities in a day..if the user tries to insert more than 100 opportunities error should come... I am trying this way... Trigger NotMoreThan1000Opportunities ...
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How to write a trigger which shows error while creating a contact record which does not allow duplicate values for phone field [closed]

I want a trigger which gives error while creating a record in contact which does not allow duplicate values for phone field
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triggered email functionality

Every ESP I've ever worked with that had trigger/autoresponder functionality requires to simply attach content to the list for triggered emails to fire. With SFMC, it seems impossible to simply match ...
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Delay run an After update trigger

I have two after update triggers T1 , T2. Can I do their run sequencial so that T2 should run always after T1?
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What is the exact difference between before update and after update trigger?

Even though both are doing almost the same function while triggering , what is the precise difference between these two
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I am trying to write a trigger which is partially working [closed]

Trying to create order -->Order package and order lineitem..when opp is closed won please find comments in code to understand issue. trigger CreateOrder1 on Opportunity (after insert,after update) ...
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Getting error while creating a record

I am Getting Error while Creating a record : Error: Invalid Data. Review all error messages below to correct your data. Apex trigger ManufacturerFieldUpdation caused an unexpected exception, contact ...
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Is Process builder a complete alternate for the triggers

I need to do some analysis on process builder for taking a decision on config vs coding. Saying that process builder is the alternate for the Triggers for updating the child records. After ...
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