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Can't create site in trial Enterprise Edition?

A few days into our trial of non-profit (NPSP) EE, I'm trying to test public-facing web pages that don't require login, crucial for our applications. It actually lets me reserve my (sub-) domain, but ...
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Using Trialforce orgs for blackbox-testing managed packages. Any experience?

I am currently reasearching means to do black-box testing on managed packages. I want those test to be outside of the packaging/development org to find errors that sometimes do not appear on those ...
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4 votes
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Creating Salesforce Trial Org - Enterprise Edition

I am trying to create a trial or for a client on ENTERPRISE edition. I have the following link to the trial form for enterprise, however this always seems to create a professional edition org. https:...
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Will a 30 Day ISV Trail allow me to install an application onto a Professional Edition?

getting a bit strained from reading tons of documentation and not really knowing what to search for. I have created a Developers Force Free edition and created an application that uses Apex Classes ...
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3 votes
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Why does my org say "Trial Expired" when I try to log in and how do I fix it?

We have an org we use to do demos. When preparing for a demo this morning we discovered that the org had "expired" and we couldn't log in. We were instructed to call support who, after a lengthy wait, ...
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Trial Version: Downloaded Enterprise version 6x and each time got Professional - help!

I think this is a known issue, as there is much about it online. Their offices are closed until Monday. Does anyone know if I work on a build of the Professional site, it will all delete when I have ...
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Problem upgrading a service on a trial account

I created a trial service for one of our customers, and when I try to upgrade it with the latest version of our service I get the flowing error message: The new trial is on NA22 server (contains ...
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Is the Trial-Phase relaxing Test-enforcing and ToolingAPI to save APEX on Production Orgs?

As a great surprise I have noticed today at the org of a new client (his Org is running in the Trial-phase) that APEX Tests seems not to be enforced and that I could modify and save APEX quickly using ...
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Using post install script in Trialforce

My company is provisioning trials using Trialforce. What I need to do is write a post install script which will make an API callout to a third party API and insert a new record in custom setting as ...
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Is it mandatory to use trialforce for all ISV apps?

Is it mandatory to use all trialforce for all apps? I just want to keep on pushing the latest package to appexchange. I am seeing that publishing console does not show the latest package. I would ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Is it possible to try DeveloperX orgs (DevHub) in Salesforce Enterprise Trial Edition?

I was wondering if this is possible to try out without touching the real Production environment. It seems we cannot create APEX in Enterprise Trial. It seems like they haven't allowed any ...
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3 answers

convert json to string

Trialhead Apex REST Callouts challenge Hi i am very new to salesforce and has statred learning ...
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2 answers

Adjusting All dates from Trialforce Source Organizations

We are creating a TSO template to give trials of our managed package to our customers. In our package, we have multiple custom objects and custom fields that we want to be created dynamically based on ...
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Professional Edition Trial Version Limitations

Currently I'm on Enterprise Trial Version (30 days) edition of Salesforce. I want to move to Professional Edition! Salesforce account manager has confirmed that they cannot downgrade to Professional ...
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Changing the Duration of the License Management App Trial

Is it possible to change the duration of the Trial status for the License Management App? I see that it is normally 90 days. Can I change it to 30 days?
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Best practices for upgrading a package

I have already released my package. However, I need to update this package with some fixes. I also have trialforce enabled, and I have created the trial templates. I would now like to update this ...
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Signup failed due to internal error. Please contact your system administrator

When I try to sign up for DevHub trial, I receive the following error: Signup failed due to internal error. Please contact your system administrator. Why is this happening? How can we avoid this error?...
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How to restrict Sandbox LMA License to match Production License Status/Count?

How to restrict Sandbox LMA License to match Production License Status/Count? If your AppExchange package includes a free trial, in Production the app installs well with TRIAL as the status. However, ...
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Updating a trial webform with a new trialforce template

Our TSO was approved with a previous version of our template. Now we have updated our template and want our webform to be associated with the new template instead of the first template. I have already ...
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