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Payload encryption

We have a large request payload and customer would like to encrypt it before sending.Since SF crypto class have a limitation of 1MB , customer has asked us if it is possible to only encrypt the values ...
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Transparent Data Encryption on Shared database in Marketing Cloud

Things seem to have changed over time with this - I know it used to be the case that this was only possible on a dedicated database for example. I've worked on an account on a shared database that did ...
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TDE In marketing Cloud

I have been researching TDE(as my understanding is that FLE is going away) for Marketing Cloud, and came across this Link. It mentions "TDE within the Marketing Cloud environment requires a dedicated ...
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Has anyone enabled Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) in Marketing Cloud?

I've submitted a support ticket to enable Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) on a Marketing Cloud instance. Since all of the encryption happens on the backend as opposed to Field Level Encryption (FLE) ...
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