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Einstein Vision : Train a Dataset : Failed to get dataset download url

I have created two datasets via REST API calls, one with a dropboxlink to the .zip file and one from the .zip file on my local drive. Both datasets are available and the statusMsg is SUCCEEDED. When I ...
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Start trailhead with specific modules from sandbox for user training

I´d like to set specific modules for final users, I´m going to give a training session about a new implementation in SF. For many users it´s the first time they use Salesforce even for some of they, ...
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could not find module guard in storefront_controller

I get this error upon running newly created JHelloWorld.js: Cannot find module 'storefront_controllers/cartridge/scripts/guard' I created this controller under training cartridge and following ...
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Marketing Cloud Administration resources? [closed]

Are there any instructors or resources available for Marketing cloud Administration ?
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Start Exploring Wave Analytics- The 'Trailhead_Data_Manager' app was not found.

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: The 'Trailhead_Data_Manager' app was not found. Please follow the requirements and ensure the wave enabled org is setup correctly. I have created ...
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When do you know that you are project ready? [closed]

As a beginner to the salesforce development world, I feel as if i have been "learning" for quite some time. i have gone through the apex workbook, developer beginner for trailhead, even taking online ...
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Is there a good video showing how to use SoapUI with SalesForce/ExactTarget APIs?

Anyone that has successfully used SoapUI (free version) to make and debug SOAP requests to ExactTarget endpoints? I will gladly buy you lunch if you can show me how this is done. If I understand the ...
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"Who sees what" videos on Youtube now mostly private. Other way to view them?

Another exam coming up and again I am trying to understand the subtleties of object and record access (for me the most complicated thing in Salesforce). There is an enlightening Salesforce video ...
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Salesforce devolopment using eclipse [closed]

I would like to learn Salesforce development by using Eclipse. I am requesting for you to suggest online material for me to go through?
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Need salesforce syllabus with topic [duplicate]

I need salesforce syllabus with topic. I want to learn salesforce online can anyone out here provide me with salesforce syllabus which contains all the topics in salesforce. I want to learn online so ...
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training recruiting app missing context?

I'm studying for the 401 exam by going through the slide-videos of Salesforce's "Building Applications with" parts 1 & 2. As I try to do the exercises, I'm finding there's a bunch of ...
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Good Place To Start [closed]

I've got a new member on my team who has no clue what salesforce is and is not technical. Where would you start with grooming a person like this to be a salesforce ninja?
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What is the Best Practice for the right Training Environment?

As we all know, good user trainings are crucial to ensure a high adoption rate and a successful CRM strategy. I'm hired quite regularly by customers to provide enduser trainings. Always there is the ...
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Where to find Salesforce Training?

Is there any online site or platform where I can learn how to work with Salesforce available ?
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Getting Started with Salesforce and Platform [closed]

I'm currently a stay at home mom with a background in IT and looking into the future since my daughter will be going to school in 2015 and then I want to get back into the workforce. A friend ...
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