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A test suite is a collection of Apex test classes that you run together. For example, create a suite of tests that you run every time you prepare for a deployment or Salesforce releases a new version. Set up a test suite in the Developer Console to define a set of test classes that you execute together regularly.

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How to Create a Test Suite in Salesforce Using ANT Without Using the Developer Console?

I'm looking to set up a comprehensive test suite in Salesforce using ANT, and I want to perform all the tasks without relying on the Developer Console. Can someone provide guidance or a step-by-step ...
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Run Test Suite from Apex

I have a test suite which contains all test classes. I want to run the test suite from Anonymous Window so at the end of suite run completion I can create custom object records to track the coverage. ...
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How do you run a test suite from Visual Studio Code?

How do you execute and get the results for a test suite from Visual Studio Code? Currently, whenever I want to run one, I have to go into the org, and then log into the developer console. It works, ...
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Add more than 200 test classes in the test suite

I am trying to add test classes in the test suite. But when I click on save, I am getting below error: I am trying to add more test classes using Apex like below using Anonymous execution: List<...
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Trying to run a test suite in Eclipse, but I am getting authentication error

I can save metadata and execute anonymous apex via my project, so presumably my login credentials and token are working, but I receive an error when trying to run a test suite that I have ...
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Deploy Test Suite?

I just started setting up some Test Suites, and I certainly like the convenience they afford. However, I cannot find a way to deploy them via Change Set. Is it possible to deploy them in any way?
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