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How to rewrite that ternary operator code to if-else?

I can't understand that part of the code - how to rewrite this to if-s and else? Especially the partthis.map1?.containsKey(custom_object__c?.workflow_status__c) List<custom_object_2__c> ...
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A special ternary condition in apex (safe navigation operator)

I've seen this somewhere, sometime before but I can't remember how it's used and I can't find anything about it online (Probably because I don't know what to search for). So please help me understand ...
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Ternary Operator Compile Failure. Incompatible types in ternary operator

Assume we have some code in Apex: APEX Boolean isString = true; // or false List<String> labels = new List<String>{ 'Label' }; Object entity = isString ? labels.get(0) : ...
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