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0 answers

Recurring tasks for Care Plans in Health Cloud

Is there a way to facilitate recurring tasks (object: Care Plan Template Task) under Care Plan- Problems and Goals? This is within Health Cloud. For example let's say for a physiotherapy treatment ...
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1 answer

Error "The Expiration date needs to be entered" when creating a recurring Task (Lightning)

I am trying to create a recurring task in Lightning Experience and it turns out to be difficult. I have enabled the appropriate setting so that I am allowed to create them. I have added the "...
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1 answer

How to create recurring tasks via the Task component in the Account record page?

I have the Create Recurring Series of Tasks checkbox enabled in the Task component of the create new Task in the panel on the Account record page. I need to know how to create recurring tasks as the ...
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1 answer

Salesforce Notifications - Bell

I open salesforce and i see for example 5 notifications (5 tasks assigned to me). If i click on the bell and then click on one task, do my job and return back to home page, the bell has no ...
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1 answer

Create Recurring Series of Tasks in lightning experience issue

In my Account layout in each Account record I have a related list allowing me to create Task records. When I switch to Lightning experience and open an Account record and try to create a new task ...
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1 answer

Problem in creating a recurring data

I want to create a recurring data for next 1 - 4 weeks depending upon the no of weeks entered by the user and according to date entered by the user. For Example, date entered is 1/05/2018 and the day ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Choosing when a Task should recur in Apex: RecurrenceRegeneratedType

How do I make a task recur based on the day it was marked complete? There is a required field for creating a recurring task: RecurrenceRegeneratedType. I know from creating a task with the standard ...
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1 answer

Recurring Task Closed(Completed)

I have one question related to the salesforce standard functionality Recurring Task. I have created one custom field "status" on the standard object Account and it has two value 1) Open 2) Completed. ...
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1 vote
1 answer

global Actions - recurring tasks

Is it possible to use Global Actions to create a recurring task? Scenario: want user to click on button in chatter feed on a record, want the user to have option to select "create recurring task" ...
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1 answer

What is the correct way to create a Recurring tasks in Visualforce?

Our requirement is to create a set of recurring tasks(activities) programatically. It's supposed to be a simple recurring set of tasks up to X number of days. My code segment as below. Integer idx = ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Impact of exceeding data storage for creating recurrence tasks

Is there any impact of exceeding the data storage on creating new tasks? AFAIK salesforce is only giving warning upto some level about the storage exceeding and still allowing to create new records. ...
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1 answer

How to recreate Task Recurrence on VF page

Has anyone replicated the task recurrence functionality on a VF page? It looks like it uses javascript in an Activity.js file to do the showing/hiding of applicable fields based on the user selecting ...
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