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Login Communities (Experience Cloud) SF / Tableau Cloud

For a community (experience cloud sites) that has 5 users, I need to visualize a Tableau viz dashboard. How can I make it so that when I want to view the dashboard in the community, it doesn't ask me ...
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Can Tableau data be passed into Salesforce?

We are pulling data from multiple sources into Tableau and would like to leverage the salesforce and tableau integration to push data back info our Salesforce account records. Is that possible? And ...
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Show Total at the bottom of the Visual Table Tableau CRM

I am just showing this below the Visual Table and wondering if there's a way to show the Summary at the bottom and not at the Top of the Table. I used the standard 'Show Total' option but could not ...
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Tableau CRM/CRM Analytics: Unable to open the [Dashboard Name]

Without apparent reason, if not creating a new recipe that compiles the same datasets already created by another recipe, when I tried to open the dashboard relying on those datasets: At first, all ...
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Displaying a Tableau Public URL in Salesforce

I'd like to display a Tableau Public URL in Salesforce. The URL itself works fine, but when I try to display it as a "Web Tab" or Visualforce page I get: " refused to ...
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Limit Salesforce objects and fields in Tableau Desktop

In connecting Salesforce to Tableau Desktop it brings in every single object as a table. Within each table/object it brings in every single field. The issue is there are many standard objects my org ...
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In Tableau CRM, how do we implement Fixed LOD like in Tableau?

Example of the Tableau custom field: sum({fixed [opportunity_id] , [booking_type]: AVG([booking_amount])}) What is the equivalent of Fixed LOD so that we can replicate the above in Tableau CRM?
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Manual sorting of dimensions in Tableau CRM

I have two text field where values are numeric- 1,2,3...500. When creating a heat map, it's not sorted as field is dimensions. And they are not sorted in correct order. Is there any way to sort the ...
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tableau visualization issue with LWC

I'm New to LWC and I'm trying to include tableau visualization with LWC. I have a combobox where I store all my tableau urls. On combobox change i'm chaning the url value but the view is not re-...
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Not able to fix the error "Recipe must specify a dataflow"

I had created a dashboard in one org and now i am trying to deploy it to a higher org environment using copado. I had created the dataset from a recipe so what i had done is that is that i had ...
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Tableau CRM Dashboard Packaging with AppExchange Apps

We are working on an AppExchange App which will be an ISV app and not the OEM application. Currently there are few standard reports and dashboards are part of package which can be used by customers ...
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How to pass multiple parameters from salesforce to tableau using Tableau viz lightning web component?

Can we pass multiple parameters from salesforce to tableau using Tableau viz lightning component ?
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Package Tableau dashboard to display org data

I understand that Tableau lives outside of Salesforce orgs but can access data from orgs and be embedded back into Salesforce using widgets like this LWC component. In my (managed) package I want to ...
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When to use Tableau or Einstein Analytics for Advanced reporting

When Salesforce native Reports, Charts and Dashboards are not enough and you needed advanced functionality like: Dynamic discovery of data instead of pure display integrate external data sources ...
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