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Unable to create/find tab for Survey Invitation object

I have enabled Surveys in Salesforce and the Survey tab is visible to the user. However, I am unable to find the tab for Survey Invitation. For profiles, the tab setting is unavailable: I cannot find ...
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What permission required for user to customize tabs in lightning

How can user customize tabs in lightning like moving around the tabs or removing the tabs instead of admin do those task for the users? in other worlds allow users ability to customize tabs by ...
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Einstein Analytics Dashboard

I am trying to add multiple tabs in einstein dashboard but i'm not getting from where we can add multiple tabs in einstein dasboard anyone please help me out
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PermissionSetTabSetting record returns different Name when i call it from LWC

I have a method which returns list of PermissionSetTabSetting records. I use following SOQL: SELECT Id,Name,Visibility,ParentId FROM PermissionSetTabSetting WHERE (ParentId IN ('0PS5g000005r8bWGAQ')) ...
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how to change tabs in salesconsole

hello everyone I have the problem that in the salesconsole I have the objects as dropdown and I need to change them to the "standard" form change this: to :
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Not able to see tab in app navigation menu despite having permission

I am facing an issue regarding a custom tab which does not appear in an app even though it seems like there would be no technical reason for that. I have checked the following aspects in the org: I ...
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How to view Standard Objects in Tabs

I tried creating tabs for standard objects, only the custom object is showing up in the options.Why is it so?
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Trying to update site guest user profile

I am trying to update site guest user profile and it gives me following error "Please fix the following: Too many custom tabsets for this profile." Not sure how to fix it.
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How to add tabs in Salesforce Lightning settings?

Anyone know how to add tabs in Salesforce lightning settings? I'm sure everyone jumps into creation of tabs in Salesforce application. I want to create tabs in Salesforce settings. Just like Accounts, ...
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How to customize temporary Nav Bar tabs?

I have a visualforce page overriding the new button of an object. I need the vf page to run some custom validation. Eventually the user is redirected to the new record page of the object. Because that ...
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Cannot change Tab Settings in System Admin Profile because another permission setting is blocking save

In my develop org, I want to change Active Scratch Orgs so it's Tab Settings are Default On But when I press Save I get this error: Permission Subscribe to Dashboards: Add Recipients depends on ...
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