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runAs() not working as expected

When I run the following piece of code: @isTest private static void testKybc() { String methodName = 'testKybc'; ObjectUtil.debugLogBegin('TMPTriggerHandler_Test', methodName, ''); Map&...
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system.runAs() doesn't throw an exception when user doesn't have permission

Let's say we have Boolean wasAuraException = false; system.runAs(TEST_DUMMY_USER) { try { DataWrapper data = MyController.getData('mockValue'); } ...
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Setup and NonSetup object insertion in Test Class

we've a factory class method to create sObject: Class: DataFactory: public static SObject createSObject(SObject sObj, String defaultClassName, Boolean doInsert) { SObject retObject = ...
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Test Class for system.runas(user) not working for UserInfo.getUserId Coverage

Im stuck at 52% coverage of a vf controller that queries and displays timecards__c records of UserInfo.getUserId in a table. What is basically not getting covered is the if else statements after the ...
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system runAs method to verify if the user can access a record

I have below test class which verifies whether a use have access to the record or not. The Campaign__C object's sharing setting is Private. However with below test class when I run the SOQL the 2nd ...
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What are the limitations of System.runAs?

Unfortunately it seems that there is some undocumented behaviour with System.runAs and creating users in Apex tests. In particular we observed, with API 45: If we run a test class that we do not ...
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