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How to avoid if-else/switch chains and preserve open/closed principle in Calculator program (apex) [Solution: Strategy Pattern]

TL;DR In apex, is it possible to get around the use of if-else/switch statements to supply unique code via an enum or other parameter? Something like storing functions or class instances in maps or ...
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problem with switch case

I share with you my code which appears to work well the problem I have is that: If for example, I choose the status as closed and I choose dates, I can't save and that's what I want, but when I try to ...
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how to reduce lines of code in LWC

in my LWC project have a function per button, and I want to reduce lines and functions using a switch for the buttons. all function buttons are equal and i try use a switch, but I don't know how to ...
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Switch/Case not working as expected - null occurs as more than one when branch for this switch statement

I would except the following code to work but I get the following error: null occurs as more than one when branch for this switch statement Any thought why? BTW, if I add the value in the when as a ...
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Can I perform a switch statement in AMPscript?

new SFMC user here. I'm just wondering if there's an equivalent of a javascript (or GTL) switch statement within AMPscript or if I'm restricted to using IF ELSE statements. For example, If I take the ...
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Most efficient way to switch on SObjectType?

It is a bit odd we can't evaluate a switch statement directly on SObjectType, so I am trying to determine conclusively which workaround is the most efficient. Just to verify, I tried to compile this ...
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Switch: Enum value used in 'when expression' should be unqualified

Background I am getting this error message three times: Enum value used in 'when expression' should be unqualified In relation to this code: Schema.DisplayType fieldType = getType(fieldName); ...
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How can I access variable in switch case outside of switch block?

I am trying to upsert a dynamic sObject list of records using Database.Upsert, I want to be able to use AllOrNone parameter however this returns an error saying that my toUpsert variable must be a ...
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Good approach to making switch on string values case insensitive?

In Apex the == operator is case-insensitive for strings and in other places case insensitivity is supported. But the recently introduced switch is case sensitive. The workaround of moving to one case ...
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Using newly released feature on an apex class having older API version

As you all probably know switch has been introduced in Summer'18 (API v43,0) release. I have started using it in my apex class which is having API version 36,0 and somehow it works in my sandbox. I ...
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Best Practice discussion: Difference between SWITCH and IF/ELSE-IF/ELSE?

NOTE: This is not an opinion-based question. Developers often debate the best way to code ways to do the same thing. Please don't close this as opinion-based. It's a good reference for people choosing ...
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System.TriggerOperation enum

Any examples how to use new System.TriggerOperation enum in a trigger? How this code could be replaced: trigger TriggerName on ObjectName (before delete, before insert, before update, after delete,...
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