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Summary Formula with grouped Columns

I have a Salesforce Matrix Report, and I just want to add a summary column with the difference between column "Planificación" and column "Real"... Both are a sum of a field named &...
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How to write summary formula to calculate percentage based on coloums total?

I did some research but i am unable to get it. I want to create a formula for this calculation: Total Records- Total CompletedOnboarding/Total Records *100. Please guide
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2 answers

Summary Level Formula - Sum Closed/Won Opportunities

I am using Lightning and trying to build a summary level formula field to show the sum of closed/won opps next to the sum of total opportunities for a given time period (fiscal quarter for example). ...
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A summary formula field in report used to count sum of related lookup records is displaying incorrect value

I believe this question is somewhat related to Formula Field to Count Records in Lookup Relationshp. I have a 'primary' object called 'Tennis Player' and a 'secondary' object called 'Tennis Reports'. ...
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