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Subflow failing during decision element "The flow failed to access the value for because it hasn't been set or assigned"

I have a subflow that reviews dates, and if the dates are null I have the flow update them to the current date. The flow is triggered by a Closed Won opportunity, then runs some updates on the Account ...
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Subflow passing record as an input not working as expected

I have a flow calling a subflow to which i pass an account record: The AccountrecordID is a record variable (Account type). In the subflow, when i want to eveluate its related records, for instance ...
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How Salesforce executes a flow on a record triggered plus subflow vs only record triggered

I was wondering if someone here could help me have a bit more clarity over a behavior I'm seeing when executing flows in SF. I need to call a subflow from a record-triggered flow to execute some ...
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Get ID of newly created record in screen flow

I know there is a similar question, however it did not help me all the way through. I have a screen flow to clone a Quote record. I use a screen flow because my Quote object is master to 4 other ...
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Compile all Flows?

Is there a simple mechanism to "compile all Flows" (e.g. in the way there is for Apex classes and triggers)? If not, what's the next fastest way to verify that dependencies aren't broken ...
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Trouble connecting a Subflow to a main flow

I have a screen flow that displays Account fields dynamically based on the Type of account the user selects. The user then makes selections on the screen and saves the changes. I am trying to create ...
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In Record Triggered Flows, how do I get created records only (not updated records)? [duplicate]

I set up a master record-triggered flow and the trigger is when a record is updated or created. I have two subflows. In one subflow I want to pass updated records, and in the other subflow I want to ...
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Is subflow called from flow is part of same transaction?

I have a sub-flow that is to be called from flow, Just want to know will the sub-flow be considered to be part of the same transaction as that of flow?
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Boolean result from subflow doesn't work as condition for display text?

TL;DR Why do I have to create a formula to use a boolean output variable as a visiblity condition in a flow? is there a better way to do this? Detailed question: I have a subflow (auto-launched) that ...
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Screen flow with an auto-launched subflow (which includes a "pause" element) - is it possible to avoid message "The flow interview is now waiting"?

I've done my best to summarize my question in the title, but it needs more detail to be understood, here I go: I have a screen flow where, after a certain number of screens, there is an auto-launched ...
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Can't call a Subflow from a record triggered flow?

I have created a sub flow with inputs and outputs but the subflow icon is not available in the Elements menu. The flow fires after a record is saved, so my understanding is it should be able to fire ...
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9 votes
4 answers

Debug Record-Triggered Flow

Love the new Summer '20 release features for flow, excited to use Flows in place of Process Builder. One consideration I wanted to verify with the community. Is there a way or a best practice for ...
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