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2 answers

Why is stripInaccessible Removing Fields in Tests

I have an Apex test that is querying Task records. Custom fields on Activity are being removed by stripInaccessible. The test is not using a runAs, so it should be running in system mode and should ...
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1 answer

WITH SECURITY_ENFORCED and Security.stripInaccessible in a single SOQL

Premise: I followed WITH SECURITY_ENFORCED, Security.stripInaccessible and comparison before designing my Apex class for querrying a few records. Doubt: I implemented my SOQL as Security....
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Validate CRUD permission before SOQL/DML operation (rule: Security-ApexCRUDViolation)

I can see an unexpected behavior with PMD rules when working with the stripInaccessible method, I have tried to insert List of Order records in my APEX class like below, private List<Order> ...
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StripInaccessible not removing fields

I am system administrator. I have removed edit access of contact fields Department, Assistant. I am executing this code: @AuraEnabled public static SObjectAccessDecisionWrapper updateRecords(List<...
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