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How to use String.format in JSON String

I have a JSON String as below. {"title":"ZoomMeetingfortesting","userId":"[email protected]","startTime":"2022-06-30T00:05:00.000Z","...
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Issue with Export to Csv when name consists of comma

we are trying to export data into csv file using Apex and Visualforce page in Salesforce . The data is being exported but we have an issue . Here we are exporting record from an object(Text Fields) . ...
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Parse JSON response

I create a record in one system and that creates the similar record in another and returns the corresponding ID from the destination system which I would to stamp in my source. Deserialized the ...
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Apex Error (Image to PDF conversion) : BLOB is not a valid UTF-8 string

So i have this task where i have to convert the image uploaded in Notes and Attachment object to PDF. For that i created a trigger(before insert) on Attachment object and used the below mentioned code,...
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