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Storable Action - System.LimitException: Too many DML statements: 1

@AuraEnabled(cacheable=true) public static String deleteContacts(List<String> contactIds) { List<Contact> returnList = new List<Contact> (); String query = ' SELECT Id,Name, ...
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Can we programatically verify the Lightning Component setStorable() cached actions?

I'm building a Lightning Component that relies on heavy pulling of data from server side. but also has Filters. I was thinking to make use of setStorable() action for pulling data from Apex. Now, ...
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aura storable actions not working as expected - client cache

I am trying to use storable actions. I am not getting expected results. As per the video from salesforce ,, if a method is marked as storable, the ...
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Storable actions and promises

From the salesforce promise documentation: Don’t Use Storable Actions in Promises The framework stores the response for storable actions in client-side cache. This stored response can ...
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Lightning: Caching Actions Across Components

I have been using Storable Actions to help reduce the amount of identical calls that are going back to the server. Everything is working great but I have a question surrounding how this works across ...
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