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A stack trace (also called stack backtrace or stack traceback) is a report of the active stack frames at a certain point in time during the execution of a program. When a program is run, memory is often dynamically allocated in two places; the stack and the heap.

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Fluctuations in obfuscation of managed package details

I've seen Salesforce obscure certain details about a managed package when it was deployed in a subscriber org. For instance, the debug logging generated from the managed package namespace isn't ...
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Exception.getStackTraceString() returning '()' on object with managed package trigger when debug logs not on

First of all, my question is very similar to this one and might actually be a duplicate, however there is no notion of a managed package or debug logs there. We have an after insert trigger on ...
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Visualforce-Community: Is it possibe to override the errorpages AND get there a full Exception display including StackTrace?

Working on Communities, but getting only the generic Errorpages is not useful for managing bug-reports. By default it looks like this: I know how to override that here: I would like to see as much ...
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How to expose stack trace from one managed package to another managed package

In my org I have managed package with namespace DeltaLKU which contains apex classes & components for the application that we are developing and I have installed another third party managed ...
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apex class trace problem: start date and end date cannot configure

I want to trace an apex class running process then setup as following: click Developer console->debug->change log levels In the section "class and trigger trace overrides", I choose related apex ...
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