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Trying to use Spring '23 RefreshView API from an Aura component to refresh wire data in LWC

I'm trying to use the new RefreshView API introduced in Spring '23 to fire a refresh event from an Aura component to refresh a related list wire in an LWC component (very similar scenario to this ...
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Dynamically Pass Bind Variables to a SOQL Query With queryWithBinds Method

I was going through the new feature from Spring 23 release regarding Dynamically Pass Bind Variables to a SOQL Query With queryWithBinds Method. It seems like it is working when there is only one ...
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Problem with replacing if:true with lwc:if

This release note states that if:true directives must be replaced with lwc:if. However, I noticed that in the LWC I am working on, this is not as easy as it sounds. Just doing a simple textual ...
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Lost ability to upload Files

I have noticed that my ability to upload files has gone. I am a System Admin. This is not affecting all users, just me and one other person who is not a system admin. I am not sure what settings could ...
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Static flag being ignored in tests since Spring 23 Release

As of Spring 23, several tests where we publish platform events started failing. We use a static flag as a condition to execute a code block and looks like now the line where the flag is being set is ...
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Redirect old URLs to new domain (Spring 23 advanced domain)

I received a message that informs that during Spring 23 the advanced domains will be deployed and that it is advisable to deploy them before oneself So I enabled advanced domains manually During ...
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SalesforceMobileSDK Hybrid - Spring '23 Issue on Log-in

As of Spring 23' Release version, we've been experiencing issue on re-direct to home page on both Android and iOS devices. salesforce-mobilesdk-cordova-plugin: 9.1.1 / 10.2.0 We've tried isolating the ...
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Spring 23 Platform Event tests broken

As of Spring 23, we have several failing tests which involved publishing Platform Events, collecting them in a static variable, publishing them, then in the test, retrieving the static variable to ...
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Activities standard component UI is changed with spring 23 release

We have standard activities component on record page. The UI for that component is as below for scratch org which does not yet have Spring 23 release: As salesforce spring 23 release coming we have ...
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