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Salesforce Spring release for year 2016. This corresponds to API 35.

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ReadOnly/Formula Field on edit page - Lightning

I have a question about read-only/formula fields on the edit page in Lightning. Previously the fields of Read-Only/Formula were not available on the edit page, however in Spring'16 they have included ...
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Developer 401 Spring 16 maintenance Exam preparation

I completed my Salesforce certification on Developer 401 Spring'15 . After that, i cleared two Release Exams (Summer '15 & Winter '16) without paying any amount. Now, i have to write Spring 16 ...
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The Coverage field from ApexCodeCoverageAggregate isn't returning coverage lines in Spring '16 (v37.0)

I've previously used the SOAP version of the Tooling API to run the following SOQL query to get the aggregate code coverage for an Apex class. SELECT ApexClassOrTriggerId, ApexClassOrTrigger.Name, ...
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Critical Update: Trust Percent Values in Flow sObject Variables Again - 2

Is this update is only for Flows (Like visual flows) and it does not have any impact on regular percentage field or formula field or formula field using percentage data? Note: I earlier posted THIS ...
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Critical Update: Trust Percent Values in Flow sObject Variables Again

When I go thorough this critical update's description it says, Previously, our calculations on percent values weren’t always working as expected. We rolled out a partial fix earlier, and this ...
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Spring'16 Communities Login Page Issue: Link to launch SelfRegister Page routes to the wrong URL

When the Spring'16 Communities Template Update was released, we switched to standard login page provided by the template. Previously, we used pages from Studio and had a Custom Lightning ...
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Jquery .val() is giving undefined since Salesforce Summer'16 release

I have a Lightning app which was working fine, before Summer'16 release. There were issues with Jquery 3.0 thus, downgraded to Jquery 2.2.4; When I am trying to access html select element, it is ...
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Does my org CS version limit which Streaming and REST APIs I can use?

If I'm using Salesforce "Spring 16" (CS10), does that org impose limitations to which Streaming API version I may use? (currently, our Java apps use v33 push topics) Is there any benefit to using more ...
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Lightning-enabled button: Pass Parameter to VF page

We have a custom detail page button that passes the object id to a VF page which then renders a visual workflow based on that ID. Salesforce did support URL buttons in lightning before, but it seems ...
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Spring 16 Tooling API v36 - TraceFlag vs DebugLevel bug?

Can anyone enlighten me - what is the purpose of DebugLevelId on Tooling API TraceFlag object? If it is now a required field then what is the purpose of all log level fields (e.g. ApexCode, ...
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How to update converted leads using DataLoader?

I need to populate one new custom field on Lead object in all the lead records for reporting purposes. What I tried: The first problem I encountered was with leads already converted. The error ...
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Uses for Work Orders [closed]

I'm excited by Work Orders, but only if they add improved reporting or trackability. I would love to see something like Taskray's or Jira's boards on WorkOrders, and to be able to report on our speed ...
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Create new CTI adapter - Problem following the docs because my VC++ Project looks different

Firstly, I have to admit that I'm a C++ and Salesforce newbie (but not new to programming in general), so this question may appear totally stupid to a more experienced C++ programmer... Anyway, I just ...
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Sporadic java.lang.Exception errors since Spring '16 release

Since the Spring '16 release I have noticed sporadic failures in some of our error handling code, specifically when we are adding a subclass of Exception to a collection of the base Exception class. I'...
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Workbench doesn't show API version beyond 35.0

As per the known issue: This feature would be available only for version 36 (and not below 36, once the known issue is fixed). ...
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Cancel/Ok missing only on iPhone editor after fire force:editRecord from lightning component running on Napili community

I am using the following code to edit a record from a lightning component running in Napili community: var editRecordEvent = $A.get("e.force:editRecord"); editRecordEvent.setParams({ "...
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Spring 16 - Does custom Visualforce Global Actions not show up in Lightning Experience?

I am trying out a custom Global Action for Lightning Experience. I re-read the Release Notes for Spring '16 twice and I think they fixed it to preset 4 actions only (Note/Task/Event/Call) - http://...
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How do I enable the native spell-checker in rich text fields?

Using Spring 16 When using a inputTextArea with richText="true" Salesforce disables the browser's native spell-checker by setting spellCheck="false" on the displayed component. It doesn't seem ...
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Attachments auto download in Spring 16? Workarounds?

A client has an existing integration that runs daily, which calls a 3rd-party system to generate a report on new opportunities; the generated report is added to the Oppty as an Attachment, as an HTML ...
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Can a patch be made/installed during Spring '16 blackout?

The Dev org for our Managed Package Spring '16 upgrade is scheduled to be done tomorrow (Feb 6). We have an Extension Package org and several customer orgs related that are not going to be upgraded ...
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Why isn't login forensics available on government pods?

Not that I work on a government pod, but I'm curious. I read this in the Spring'16 release notes. Why on earth would Salesforce keep this feature from a sys admin on a government pod? I'd like to know ...
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Apex Test Suites - Spring 16 release

Salesforce defines Test Suite as a predefined-set of test classes that you can execute at once. Can I use a single @testSetup method to set up the test data for all test methods in one Test Suite? ...
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SendEmail error: You have uncommitted work pending

My code works everywhere except in a particular client sandbox. It basically sends an email on insert of a record. Pseudo-code in PKG A trigger on after-insert of recordX Messaging.sendEmail(...
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Username/Password Auth flow using nforce with nodejs not working after Spring `16 upgrade

We have an app that is designed to run on a Heroku server that is creating new records in salesforce and also listening to streaming API topics to update our other datastore with changes in those ...
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Spring 16 release: latest IDE throws invalid credentials error

I've encountered with an issue after Spring 16 release has been deployed. Basically I cannot do anything with my project in Eclipse (Kepler + latest available IDE), every time it just throws ...
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