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Salesforce Spring release in 2016. This corresponds to API 36.0.

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Deadline for the Spring 14' DEV 401 exam and find what's changed in this release

I'm planning to do my DEV 401 for the first time as soon as possible and I need to know the deadline for the Spring 14'. Also i'm bit stuck finding the updates for this release. It'll be a great help ...
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How can I add a contact I do not own to the Opportunity Contact Role

After configuring Opportunity Contact Role related list, Users can only choose contact they own although they have read access to other contacts. I need them to be able to select any contacts. What ...
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What is deleteSessionCookie.jsp?

I have a custom error page set up on my Community, and I use it to track analytics about when my community is crashing. Each time a user hits the error page, I track the page they were trying to ...
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Did something change with deploy run test behavior with sandboxes in Spring '14?

Starting a few days ago my apex class compilation time suddenly ground to a halt. After going into the setup deployment monitoring I was at first delighted with the new deployment monitoring UI, then ...
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How to enable Quotas in Professional Edition collaborative forecast

I am trying to setup quotas to PE collaborative forecast. When I go to the customize - forecast - setup section, I do not see the "Show Quotas" checkbox as described in the documentation (page 14) ...
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HTTP Callout Problems in Pre-release

I am running the same code in two different environments and I am getting different results. I have the following code hitting the REST API exposed on StackExchange: Http httpQuestions = new Http(); ...
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Salesforce1 and Spring 14 Features

Do the currently available native Salesforce1 apps contain all the Spring 14 Release features? This URL indicates that they are: I'm ...
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External users and standard profiles

In the Spring 14 release notes are the following two points: "Object permissions for contracts have been added to standard profiles. If your organization uses contracts and Communities, note that ...
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Spring'14 (bug?) with apex:repeat and sets

I think I may have found a bug with iterating over a set in spring'14. So I have some code that creates a set (using set so it will be unique) and then on the page it iterates over the set using an ...
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Spring 14 problem with pages that share the same controller

I think I've stumbled across a bug in Spring 14 that is breaking some of my code that is working in Winter 14. I have two pages that share the same controller. A button on the first page renders the ...
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Spring 14 Limit change can break existing apps even when running previous version API

I'm looking for confirmation that what I'm seeing is real, and if this is a bug or an intentional breaking change. Create the following test class: @istest public class TestLimits{ public static ...
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Bug with IDE/Eclipse plugin with Spring 14 org's only

On two of my sandboxes I am getting an error every time I open a class or try to open the schema (the classes load but the schema does not). Other org's are working fine but these two, which are from ...
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Spring 14 debug log verbosity

OK, my sandboxes just got upgraded to Spring 14; I run a test, using an existing testmethod, using the same debug log levels I used in Winter 14. But now, I get hyper (and useless) verbosity of debug ...
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Allowing Guest Site User to run reports (for Sp14 charts-in-VF feature)

I was so excited about the Spring '14 Embed Report Charts in Visualforce Pages as a way to present data visualizations on a public site, and now it looks like that's not possible. I created a page ...
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What are the new features to be released in Salesforce Spring '14?

As a developer and consultant, I want to be able to understand the impact of new features included in the next release of Salesforce as soon as possible, not only to learn of new leverage ...
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