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Team Foundation Server as source control for Salesforce Project?

Does anybody has experience on using Team Foundation Server as source control for Salesforce project? We are currently using Git but management wants to start using TFS as source control going ...
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merge tool for salesforce profiles - can it be done?

I am implementing git for our salesforce team. I've got some slick python scripts that retrieve/deploy to the cloud and it's all good except for a few situations which are pretty painful. I hope ...
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Compare Flow Versions

Now that Flows are being pushed more and more, I would like to facilitate the code review of those. Have you found a way to visualize the difference between flow versions (for non-XML nerds)? I came ...
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Eclipse Neon updates server with components I haven't saved

Running Eclipse Neon 4.6.0 and IDE 37, and whenever I have it set to build automatically and work online, when saving changes to a component I'm finding multiple components updated that I ...
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handle defect resolution after deploy codes into UAT

Our team has just started using source control to manage the source code, we have multiple scrum teams which work in various projects. Current environment setup is one shared development sandbox, one ...
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How do I create a robust deployment process?

Apologies for the broad question, but there's considerable detail to add here in the body that wouldn't fit in the title. I need to craft a deployment approach for our dev sprints that aligns to our ...
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Automation Deployment of Declarative and Imperative Components

This is a slightly large Architectural question. Within Salesforce you have many components. Those components are either declarative or imperative (like APEX and VF). As implementations get larger the ...
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