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How can I refresh or disable source tracking in particular sandbox or scratch org?

I know that I could set source tracking to disabled when I create a sandbox or scratch org, but if I already have created sandbox or scratch org created with source tracking enabled and now I have ...
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2 answers

Sandboxes often reshuffles files like page layouts making it less git-friendly

When refreshing Sandboxes I would prefer if all metadata is exactly copied from the source org, but rather we often see files being randomly reshuffled without their content changing when we do a full ...
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1 answer

Sandbox Source Tracking does not activate

I have enabled source tracking in Developer and Developer Pro sandboxes in the production org, but source tracking commands still throw an error even after a sandbox refresh. Some details: we have a ...
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Moving to Source-tracked development, can't pull __pc fields

I inherited an org that has person accounts enabled. (boo, hiss.) The team is currently using sandboxes and org-based development. (boo, hiss.) I was finally able to pull all? the metadata from ...
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