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Looking to create a trello-like board in Salesforce - whats the best way to go about it?

I am looking to emulate the functionality and look of a trello board in Salesforce with cards and a progress bar etc. - what is the best way to do that? Anything within AppExchange that someone has ...
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How can we use deprecated apex class again in the managed package?

Is there any way by which we can use the deprecated apex class again in the managed package?
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Pattern to integrate million record if BULK option not available

This is in reference to Integration with a System having millions of records. However, due to certain limitation we do not want BULK API needs to be implemented . Although there are other options like ...
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Salesforce FullForce Solution

Do you by any chance know what are the criteria that are taken in consideration to certify a Salesforce FullForce Solution? And what are the steps that should be followed in certifying a Salesforce ...
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how to categorize solutions

i am solving this superbadge for this i need to create solution and store that solution in category i have created ...
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Hide a Solution with Draft Status

I want to hide a solution with draft status from other users, I want that as long as the status is draft only visible by me and by the solution administrators. Is this possible?
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Flow error message

When I am selecting the Solution for the topic, I see the below error comes. Workflow Action Failed to Trigger Flow M. The record couldn’t be saved because it failed to trigger a flow. A flow ...
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How to retrieve Solutions attached to a case via the REST API

I am currently building an external application that utilises SalesForce's REST APIs and have it complete except that I need to be able to display the solutions attached to a case. I can attach a ...
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Repercussions for Closing a Case

We have been on Salesforce for about eight years. We do not close cases. There are several reasons for this, but the main one seems to be based on rumor. There's some tradition here that when cases ...
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Solutions vs. Knowledge Base

In my analysis, it seems that there are several features that Knowledge Base (KB) has that would make it edge out the free Solutions framework, and the rumor that Solutions is no longer being ...
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Case with Milestones and Solution?

I want to create a report having Elapsed Time in my Cases with Milestones report and Solution details? Is there a way to add Solution fields to CAses with Milestones report?
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Trigger on Casesolution object

I am looking to update a Case field whenever a existing solution is associated to a case.. I realized that I cannot write trigger on Casesolution object and in sfdc developers forum, I found one more ...
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What's the equivalent of project Module in salesforce

As you know , A project module is the main module in PM tools such as : Redmine, MS TFS ,... However, when i search on this module on salesForce, i don't find anything, even i find how to create task ....
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Interacting with Salesforce Public Solutions iFrame

I'm currently implementing Public Solutions on an EE org, and trying to build any kind of "journey" up for end users. One of the key things I'm trying to get is, if the user cannot solve their problem ...
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