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Social Studio - facebook multi brand

I'm asking this to understand if is the behaviour of social studio is "as it is intended" or we are misunderstanding something. We have different brands on facebook, each has its facebook ...
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Social CRM Content Display

Is it possible to display Social CRM Content(Post to Facebook,Twitter) in salesforce lightning community? I have a requirement to share articles to Facebook/Twitter. Is it possible to implement?
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Social Studio contacts on MC

does anyone know if it's possible to transfer contacts from Social Studio to Marketing Cloud? I would like to capture data about those clients that use social accounts in order to create a list or ...
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"Social Customer Service" Social Persona demographics

With 'Social Customer Service' enabled I was looking at Social Persona object itself. I wondered about demographic data that is available in Social Studio (like Country, Language) but also any other ...
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salesforce contact social linking - linkedin profile image not visible

I am trying to display the linkedin profile image of a contact (linkedin authentication already done) on a visualforce page using PhotoUrl field of contact mentioned here. While on the salesforce ...
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Enabling and accessing Social Persona and Social Post fields

Can anyone clarify the following about Social Persona and Social Post objects? In a developer instance, do I need to open a case to enable visibility of Social Persona and Social Post objects in the ...
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Enabling Inline Editing for Social Post Tab on Radian6 App

We currently use Radian6 and ServiceCloud integrated. We would like to enable "inline editing" feature on "social posts" tab to be able to process social posts faster. I am aware that a list should ...
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I am facing issue to map social user with Salesforce community user when using Salesforce Social sign-on

My Use Case 1. Sales Rep created a customize page for customer. 2. Shared same customize page with customer(Created community user for customer). Customer Email id or username is [email protected] in ...
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In code, data loader or API can I control the social image on a contact?

When social accounts and contacts are enabled you get an image at the top of the Contact or Account with links to a host of social media. It looks something like this; This image also controls the ...
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