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Custom slot's available in builder with default components assigned

I have custom lwc with slots available in builder. Into slot's I put some custom lwc and ootb components (e.g User Profile menu or Commerce navigation) The problem is when I try to change something ...
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Is it possible to create an lwc that other lwcs can be drag and dropped into?

I would like to create an LWC (lets call it the Parent LWC) that is usable within the Flow builder. When Parent LWC is dragged onto a Flow screen, I'd like for the user to be able to drag other Flow ...
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Passing markups in slots inside for:each loop in LWC?

In the following childComponent, data is prepared by processing the params public property. childComponent.html <template> <lightning-accordion active-section-name="" allow-...
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How do I expand a table column that has a LWC Component inside

Trying to figure out a way of getting the expandable section below the main row - expand to be full width of the table. I am having issues with it just fitting within the first column. Are there ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Can you create a slot that moves in the DOM?

I have a generic component that renders a form in a slot. I want the layout of the component to be changeable. E.g. move the form from the right hand side of the screen to the top. The layout changes ...
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1 answer

LWC Lightning-card slot alignment issue

It appears that I can't put a lightning-input in a slot. I would like the input and button to line up side by side on the right, preferably in line with the lightning-card title. Any ideas on how to ...
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0 answers

Nested slot tags inside synthetic shadow

We try to test automatically our Sales Force application via Playwrigth.But to steer page components we'd like to fully understand synthetic Shadow polyfill. How it's possible to have 2 synthetic ...
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1 answer

Pass Elements into Named Slots - Nothing Rendered

Problem Trying to build a reusable component that I can pass components (lightning-button(s) for example) into. Troubleshooting Attempted An unnamed single slot passes the "header" button ...
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1 answer

How can I tell if a component received slot content?

I have a component with an optional slot, and I need it to behave slightly differently if it received content in the slot vs. if it doesn't. How can I programmatically determine if a component ...
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1 answer

How does slot attribute works in lightning-button?

I have the below example where a slot attribute is passed to the lightning-button to align with the lightning-card. Is there a documentation where I could read more about the slot property? <...
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10 votes
1 answer

Is invoking methods on slot children in LWCs possible?

I have an LWC that wraps other child LWCs via a slot: <template> ... <div class="sections-content-container"> ... <slot></slot> ... ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Why do LWC slots work inside this nested Aura component?

According to the salesforce documentation (note near the very bottom), "If a Lightning web component contains a slot, you can nest it in an Aura component but you can't use the slot.". I ...
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0 answers

FSL: Unable to retrieve slots using GetABSlots (AppointmentBookingService)

I'm trying to use the getABSlots method of the AppointmentBookingService class, after setting up the "complex work" of service appointments in our field service settings. This is how our ...
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9 votes
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Can markup be passed to a grand-child component in LWC using slots?

LWC slots allow a parent component to pass markup into a pre-defined region of a child component. (This mechanism replaces Aura facets.) But is there a pattern to pass markup through to a grand-child ...
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