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Skinny tables are custom relational tables created by Salesforce to improve org performance.

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Is it possible to use lookup and currency fields in a Salesforce skinny table?

I want to create a skinny table to improve reports performance. However, some of the most used fields in the reports are lookups and currency fields. In Salesforce documentation, I didn't see these ...
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how I use skinny tables in a sandbox

If I plan to use Skinny tables in my org, and say use it for accounts to improve performance issues, and as a result, set up say 30 fields in the skinny table, how do this work in the sandbox if ...
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Is there way to know if skinny table is Enabled in SF org?

I wanted to check if any information is available via SOQL-tooling API or is there any flag or some sought of information available VIA API or anything which will tell me by looking into salesforce ...
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Using Salesforce indexes

I'm working on an org that will have around 25m opportunities when data migration is complete. I'm trying to anticipate the issues we will face running batch processes against this data volume. We ...
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