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Keyword Mobile Connect scenario

We have contacts receiving SMS messages through a journey and being opted into the keyword by filling out a form and entering the journey. Now, we are also giving contacts an option to opt in to (...
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How to track mobile numbers who revert with START keyword to re-optin

can someone tell me how to track the 'Mobile-Optin' Keyword using dataview in marketing cloud? When a person receives the SMS, he will revert with 'STOP' to optout (which I'm able to track using ...
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Do we need multiple shortcodes to handle multiple brands and multiple programs?

Tried my best utilzing online resources to learn and understand but couldn't get some definitive approach to proceed further. Can someone please shed some advice on this scenario ot decide on one or ...
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With and Without Sharing Keywords

What is the meaning of "current user" with regard to the definition of with sharing keyword given below? Please explain in detail. The with sharing keyword allows you to specify that the sharing ...
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What is security context of Invocable Methods ran by Process Builder

I have a basic class with no sharing keyword as I want it to inherit the permissions from callee. What would the context be? I assume it should run as system (aka without sharing) context, but what I ...
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