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2 votes
3 answers

applying css to inner elements of lightning-input lwc

I am trying to add border color to lightning-input lwc componenet. First when i tried the below css <template> <template for:each={test} for:item="f"> <lightning-...
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1 vote
1 answer

How to Include Global Styles in LWC System

I'm working on a customer service system using Salesforce Lightning and the Lightning Web Component (LWC) framework. What's the best way (if any) to include a global stylesheet to create/override ...
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1 answer

how to change lightning-spinner color by overriding css

I have to change the lighting-spinner color to RED. If u know please Help. Thank you! .slds-spinner_large.slds-spinner:before, .slds-spinner_large .slds-spinner__dot-a:before, .slds-spinner_large ....
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2 answers

LWC Shared Styles Standard imports not working [duplicate]

I am following the official guide here "styles" is my LWC having shared CSS rules, as ...
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