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Acts as a template for a scratch org, based on an existing org. Currently in Pilot ('18): Accessed through CLI command: sfdx force:org:shape:create

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No way to create a scratch org to have access to `PackageSubscriber` object

I would like to build 2GP package to refer PackageSubscriber object. This object is available only in DevHub orgs. I don't want to develop this package on DevHub org, but rather develop it in scratch ...
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Possible to add Remote Site Settings to Scratch Org from sfdx cli?

I've been experimenting with a build script to generate a scratch org based on a Devhub that uses external API calls. Ideally this script would Build the scratch org and add Remote Site Settings for ...
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Generate project-scratch-def automatically (in absence of Org Shape)

We are implementing CI/CD for our projects and would like to automatically generate the project-scratch-def.json file for each project. Given the fact that the Org Shape feature is still in pilot, ...
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How long did you wait for your Org Shape to be built?

sfdx force:org:shape:create -u master I initiated the creation of shape org using the above command and I got the below message. Successfully enqueued ShapeRepresentation creation for ID [ID here] ...
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Has anyone used the Salesforce DX CLI "shape" command?

In the Salesforce Winter '19 release, the Salesforce CLI recently was updated with a command with a CLI call: sfdx force:org:shape. force:org:shape:create create a snapshot of org edition, ...
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Trying to create a shape org, but getting ERROR: No such column 'PackageDirectories' on sobject of type ScratchOrgInfo

I'm signed up for the Shape Org pilot and trying to get a shape org copy. When I run sfdx force:org:shape:list I get: ALIAS USERNAME ORG ID SHAPE ...