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How to create a calculated field that counts number of unique jobs in SFMC Intelligence (Datorama) Analytics

Within Intelligence (Datorama) analytics in SFMC, there is a way create calculated fields. Default fields support total email sends but there is no field / dimension for total emails (i.e. Job ID). I ...
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Datorama - How can I cross-reference third-party sales data imported into Marketing Cloud with email opens for a comprehensive campaign outcome graph?

I'm working on a marketing campaign within Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and I've successfully imported sales data from a third-party system. Now, I'm looking for a way to cross-reference this data with ...
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Unique Clicks per Subscriber and Unique Clicks per subscriber per link/url

I am trying to achieve following results using SFMC data views and SQL but unable to produce a query that can meet all these requirements in one piece of code. Also, my requirement is to create a net ...
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