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Datorama - How can I cross-reference third-party sales data imported into Marketing Cloud with email opens for a comprehensive campaign outcome graph?

I'm working on a marketing campaign within Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and I've successfully imported sales data from a third-party system. Now, I'm looking for a way to cross-reference this data with ...
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How to create a calculated field that counts number of unique jobs in SFMC Intelligence (Datorama) Analytics

Within Intelligence (Datorama) analytics in SFMC, there is a way create calculated fields. Default fields support total email sends but there is no field / dimension for total emails (i.e. Job ID). I ...
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Trying to Send Applied Filters in Datorama Via Email

I am trying to create a form that sends an email from the filters that are applied to a dashboard in Datorama. I can't seem to get the filters to populate into a form input, and the form always ...
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Datorama Marketing Cloud Reports - Advanced

Does Marketing Cloud Datorama Reports offers the ability to query individual subscriber data inside SFMC? If yes, what is the range of customization one could get? Is it just basic sends, opens and ...
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Unique clicks are higher than unique opens

For some journeys I've found that there is an important amount of subscribers that clicked on email but didn't opened it. can you help find some explanation please? Thanks
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Datorama - discover reports replacement

Im working on transitioning the existing custom discover reports that are scheduled in multiple BU's. We send reporting states based on key Email KPI's and this is sent to multiple users in various ...
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