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Add language to ServiceMax package

Is it possible to add language (Norwegian) to the ServiceMax package? I want to override the translations for Norwegian
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Snippet causing page to not save

I have a snippet made to execute on Before save/update which causes the page to be stuck loading. Its just a console.log("js snippet"); return; I get the expected output, but the page gets stuck ...
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I am trying to write an advanced expression which executes when a value in the field equals to Day of that month

I have this field named Billing Date it is a number field where you enter just only the day number and I want it to run every month on that date. So something like: IF(!(ISBLANK(BILLINGDATE)), ...
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Japanese character displays in Visualforce template but in PDF it shows question marks (???) [closed]

In my company we use Servicemax managed package. In one of the transactions, we have a visualforce template that generates a report. When I check it in our visualforce page I see it like this: But ...
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Can ServiceMAX access shared folder on EC2 server by API?

we have four serves, server C and S are EC2, and server B and F are out of AWS, all of them are at the same domain. At the moment, S will get files from shard folder on C and compress to zip, then B ...
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What is ServiceMax in Salesforce? What is the need for it? [closed]

I am newbie to "ServiceMax" in Salesforce. I want to learn about ServiceMax and Field service management(FSM) in Salesforce, how and why to use these in salesforce. There is no proper documentation ...
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