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Google search results show Salesforce logo instead of Experience Cloud branding logo

We run different communities in different Salesforce orgs. The community is "correctly" included in the Google search results, but the blue cloud of Salesforce is displayed instead of our ...
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Field expressions values are not shown for guest users in SEO Title of B2B Commerce store page

I'm using field expressions in the SEO Title on the Product Detail page of B2B Commerce store. It works as expected when the user is logged in, but for guest users field expressions values are not ...
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How to remove the URLs from the auto generated Sitemap file of Salesforce community?

One of our community has certain articles that are NOT visible to public (IsVisibleInPkb = false) but these article URLs are included in Sitemap and are available for search engines for crawling. ...
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Duplicate Meta Description on Salesforce Experience Cloud

We developed a website in Salesforce Community Cloud and i know that Salesforce creates a SEO-friendly version of the site when a spider or googlebot crawls it. Using
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Help with sitemap testing

Generated Sitemap.xml has some object to be hidden. Trying to modify profile's permissions so that only the desired Account record types display in the Sitemap as creating a custom sitemap is not a ...
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SEO Object Indexing Not Happening In Community

We're running into an issue where no objects are appearing under Settings -> SEO -> Object Access. I've tried all the steps listed here (
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Community Registration page displays "Login Template Title" on Social Media

I have built a Community portal with self-registration set-up. When sharing a link to the registration page on social media, the preview displays the page/site name as "Login Template Title" ...
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Communities Custom Pages Meta Tags not Working

all I hope you are well. I have followed the guides on the developer docs and other threads from devs. https://...
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How does Page specific Meta Tag work in Salesforce Community

How do I set up page specific META TAGS in my SF Community? How do I set the Page specific META tag property for any of your pages? For me, Meta Tags defined at page doesn't show up in VIEW SOURCE ...
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How do I get the Googlebot to index our dynamically generated Lightning community pages?

We have a lightning community with all dynamically generated content for our faculty profiles. Information on the profile comes from SF, so there's nothing static on the page. As a result, the ...
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Creating dynamic meta tags Napili template

Is it possible to add dynamic meta tags in the head section of the Napili template? Say for example that I have an entry called "description" on my custom object and I want to render that for SEO ...
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The community page should be displayed in the Google Search page list whenever I type the community page CNAME in the google search

I created a community and deployed it in the Production org . I have customized the url for the community with the help of godaddy "" .This is the url. Now my requirement is ...
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Alexa cannot parse VF expressions results? [closed]

I have a site which shows data pulled from custom objects. Site users' have read access to all the fields of all the objects used on this site. When I visit this site I can see all the data ...
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Promote site visualforce page on google results

I have created a VF landing page on SF site and I wish to promote it on google results (Organic) I've added tags as below yet still it doesn't do the work any ideas how can I promote the page? <...
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AdWords and SEO Integration

Does anyone know what happened to the AppExchange plugin by SF (possibly a Labs item) that existed to store Referrer and other such values? I see no sign of it. Is SF perhaps leaving it to Orgs to ...
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I'm using sites to integrate Wordpress and Salesforce [closed]

My website wordpress website was integrated with salesforce. The events page is a page. How do I gain SEO benefits from the content on ...
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