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How to fetch all the send definitions that uses specific HTML block(Reference block)? [closed]

The intension is to find all the impacted Send definitions when there is a change in the reference HTML block
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Does the REST API support sending "content builder" emails using a standard send definition and standard data extension?

We are looking to sunset use of the SOAP API to create/send emails due to the sunsetting of SF MC "Classic Content" and due to SOAPs inability to create emails using "Content Builder&...
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Salesforce Send Definition activation error

Good morning! While working with the transactional messaging API every time I try to create a send definition I get the same error: "message": "MCMS_UTM_Runtime: Error while activating ...
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Scheduling emails using Email Send Definition and Data Extension

We are currently building an integration where when a product is purchased on Shopify the user can select a date and time to schedule the product to be emailed to a specific email address (e-card ...
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how to create Definition via REST API with Send Classification of type = Commercial?

I am trying to use an existing send classification and use it for the creation of a Send definition. But getting the following error: { "message": "...
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Transactional Message REST API - From?

How to set up From Option for Transactional Messaging via REST API? It seems that it is set up by default of definition creation. Nothing is specified in
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Can You Customize the 'Send Definition' for Salesforce Sends in Marketing Cloud so it appears in Discover Reports in Analytics Studio

I work in the Child business unit account of an Enterprise 2.0 Marketing Cloud account. I have a newsletter that goes out to various audience segments and contains dynamic articles based on each ...
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Sender Profiles not selectable in Journey Builder

Can you please let me know how to mark sender address as sendable? I have created new sender profile with new from address and it is verified already.
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Error creating an email send definition with a suppression list - SFMC SOAP API

I am running into issues attempting to create an Email Send Definition which has a suppression list / OptOutList using the SFMC SOAP API. However, I am able to create send definitions with source and ...
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messageDefinitionSends: View sent emails in the MC interface

I'm sending emails using this endpoint: POST /messaging/v1/messageDefinitionSends/{triggeredSendDefinitionId}/send While the emails are sent, if I go to the MC interface / Overview, I don't see any ...
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FuelSDK-Python: Performing an EmailSendDefinition with a specific Data Extension

There is an old old thread about this and Salesforce hasn't being nice enough to extend their Python SDK (though the PHP and C# ones are way ahead). I can create the data extension but I'm not able ...
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User requesting send classification for one-off send - alternative?

One of our Marketing Cloud users is requesting I set up a new send classification for a one-off send we're doing relating to a Christmas Event. I've done it before for a different theme, but it seems ...
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Reply to two addresses?

I've been asked to research solutions to a scenario where when a subscriber replies to an email it goes to the sender an additional 3rd party, without the subscriber having to "reply-all". My plan to ...
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Send Throttling + Wait Activities in Automation Studio

I'm creating an automation that has user-initiated sends and wait activities. After the first user-initiated send at 9am, there is a wait activity for 24 hours, then another user-initiated send, then ...
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Pro/Con for Salesforce Send (Report vs Campaign)

Are there any Pro/Con for Salesforce Sends using Marketing Cloud Connect between Reports and Campaigns? Why would you send to a Report versus send to a Campaign?
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Email Send Definition Publication List via SendDefinitionList

I hope I am just missing something that is right in front of my nose, but I keep getting an error when creating this send definition. It works smashingly when I remove the attempt to put in a ...
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Dynamic sender loaded with ampscript from within email - possible?

I am sending a dynamically populated email to people who sign up in a form. Based on country I want to send it with the country specific "From name" / "From email". I need to do the logic from ...
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Using AMPScript to define which Send Classification to use

OK, so I find myself in a Marketing Cloud environment where Send Classifications are set up individually for Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Schwitzerland and The Netherlands, but my new, triggered mail is ...
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Triggered send emails tracking in Salesforce, but NOT showing up in reporting. Missing Send Definition

Ok we have been banging our heads against the wall for weeks on this. We are using Salesforce and Marketing Cloud with the Salesforce connector. Our workflow looks like this TRIGGERED SENDS We have ...
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Retrieve description' send classifications

I configured two custom send classifications in marketing cloud. I need to retrieve send classification's Descriptions and Names from Data Views. I retrieved only SendClassification's external keys (e....
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Send Classification: Change Automatically

Has anyone ever come across a scenario where the "From" field would change depending on the what was in the rows of the Data Extension? A question was asked if we could change the "From" to different ...
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Retrieve dataextension from Triggered Send Defination [closed]

How can I retrieve information from a Data-extension along with columns from a Triggered Send Definition? From C# application using SOAP API, we need to retrieve Data-extension associated with ...
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Marketing Cloud emails appear in Gmail's 'Promotions' Tab

All Marketing Cloud Emails seem to end up in Gmail's 'Promotions' Tab, even if the Send Classification is 'Transactional'. Anyone has ideas on how to make sure these emails end up in the 'Primary' tab?...
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How to Retrieve all email send definitions by folder (category) ID through the Marketing Cloud API

I'm using the SalesForce Marketing Cloud (Exact Target). I have a folder ID (category ID) and I want to get all the send definitions (user-initiated sends) in that folder via the SOAP API in C#. I ...
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