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Send an Email functionality in a custom button of a custom object

Is there any way to utilize the email functionality of Send an Email button from Activities related list into a custom object? I'm trying with custom visualforce page and controller but not able to ...
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How to choose the fields for a Send Relationship in Marketing Cloud?

I don't understand what a Send Relationship is in Marketing Cloud, its purpose and how to determine which fields need to be included into the Send Relationship. For example if one field is a ...
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Is it posbbile to send email in Scratch Org?

today I tried to send email with scratch org in APEX but not success. Although when create scratch I added these lines to file project-scratch-def.json like below: "emailAdministrationSettings&...
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Using the SOAP API, is there any way to tell if a sendEmail result has bounced?

I see in the SOAP API official documentation here that even when a success response is returned from sendEmail / SendEmailResult, an email could have bounced. I tried setting the targetObjectId per ...
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Schedule an Email and create send definition via REST API

I have an email in "Content Builder" (This email created using the API). This email should be sent via API. How can I create an API Call: create a send definition. Schedule an Email and ...
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Why is the Default Commercial and Default Transactional HTML Footer are not showing the same code when doing Preview and Test?

We created a custom HTML Footer, we inserted it in the Account Settings, and selected the "Custom" as the HTML Footer. Now when I do preview and test, Default Commercial is showing the Custom HTML, ...
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More than 384000 chracters in the email html body

I have a record in my org for email which has html body greater than 384000 charters, when I manually copy this html body and paste in a new email then it gives error for not exceeding the body limit. ...
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"Send an Email" button not visible on Opportunity level

How do I get the delivered "Send an Email" button to show up on the opportunity header level? The "Send an Email" button does show up on the activity history related list, just not at the opportunity ...
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Why is send list email showing 'email queued' and not sent?

why is Salesforce showing "List email was queued" and the email was not sent? I have checked and the user does have the permission to send list email at the profile level.
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