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Is regular date for deployment beneficial? [closed]

The company is thinking about introducing a proper version control/source control. Within this process is considered an idea to introduce a regular date for deployment to production, for example every ...
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How to prevent accidental config changes made directly in Production?

Too many times we've had developers (as well as our release manager, who also dev's) inadvertently make a change directly in Production because they had the Prod org open alongside their dev org in ...
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SDLC with data-dependent applications (CPQ and FSL)

I'm looking for best practices for a SDLC workflow given the following scenario: Team consists of a mix of point-and-click admins and developers Project is based around CPQ or FSL where data is used ...
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Git workflow on teams with point and click admins

When working on projects with a mix of developers and point and click admins in different sandboxes, how do you pull in the admin's metadata changes to the git repository without pulling in every ...
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Password policies remain after deleting profile?

I deleted a profile via the Metadata API, and it did not delete its associated password policies. I cannot find the policies anywhere in the UI, but when I pull from production (or any sandbox ...
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SDLC for performing QA on a Managed Package

My team is working on an App that will eventually be on the App Exchange. Our normal SDLC is that our developers use git to retrieve code into their dev environment. We have a QA environment where ...
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Create developer sandbox from Jenkins

I know how to create them manually through the interface (it is really easy) setup > sandbox > new sandbox > and follow the GUI. Is there an API or a script that would allow me to create a sandbox ...
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Package name not found in Your Uploaded Package section in APO

I am new to the Salesforce Releasing Process and I want to know the correct path for Salesforce SDLC. I have created and uploaded a Managed Released package. When I log in to APO and go to the Link ...
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What is a good way to incorporate an agile process like SCRUM for projects on the platform?

On some of the projects that I've worked on it has been more challenging to use an agile process than some of the other traditional web app (e.g., Java/Spring) projects on which I've worked. ...
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Deleting a class without IDE

Salesforce makes it hard to delete classes in a production org. Our change control policy doesn't allow for the use of the IDE to make changes to the production org...everything goes through change ...
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