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Migration from ANT to Salesforce CLI v2 - Script

Ant gave the possibility of creating a build.xml file which, by calling single operation, performed certain operations, for example: <target name="retrieveFromDEV"> <sf:retrieve ...
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Removing contacts from a journey via script activity

I've written a script to remove a batch of contacts from a Journey since we've revised our criteria of who should enter. After testing it on a sample set of subscriberkeys, I searched for them in ...
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Please help me with apex script to assign a permission set to a permission set group in apex

String permissionSetName = 'DE_Access_Application_Team_Assignment'; String permissionSetGroupName = 'Digital_Experience_LenderAI_PS_Group'; PermissionSet myPermissionSet = [SELECT Id FROM ...
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Updating an Email Send Definition with SSJS to update data extension AND publication list

As part of an automated email we have, I made an SSJS script block to update an Email Send Definition (User-Initiated) to target a new data extension. However when we do this, it resets the ...
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