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36 votes
7 answers

Copying metadata and code from one Production org to another

How do I copy(for want of a better word) metadata (i.e. Objects, Workflows, Validation rule etc), and code (Apex, Visualforce, Triggers) from one Production org to another production org? Is this ...
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8 votes
4 answers

How to identify look up relations to an object in Salesforce

I have a custom object and I would like to know which all other objects have look up relations to this one? There are many objects available and I cannot go into each and identify which would have ...
24 votes
4 answers

How to Print/Export the schema builder?

I wonder if there is the ability to print / export the schema builder? If so, where can I find? If not, would be a great idea to implement this feature for future releases.
6 votes
3 answers

How to find only those Schema.SObjectType types that are visible in the Schema Builder

I can find a map of all String -> Schema.SObjectType types by invoking Schema.getGlobalDescribe(). However, that includes a lot of object types I'm not interested in (like casecomment, ...
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