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Operating on summarized values in a matrixed report

Hello fellow Trailblazers I'm in a bit of a pickle here I have two tables referring to buys of gas and gas sales to customers. Each table has the same fields (date, price/liter and quantity in liters) ...
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OpportunityLineItem does not have a lookup field to PricebookEntry. Am I missing something?

Apologies in advance if this is a stupid question. Based on what I've seen in the documentation and various forum post answers, I believe the following relationships between Salesforce standard ...
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SOQL query to get products related to a case

Good afternoon. I am confused as to why I can see a Lookup relationship on Schema Builder, linking Case and Product (Product2?) objects, but when I click on "Open Resource => Case.obj" ...
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Cannot create new Object within Schema Builder, while doing Trailhead Tutorial

The Error Message: The value of the "le" parameter contains a character that is not allowed or the value exceeds the maximum allowed length. Remove the character from the parameter value or ...
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Get Schema of all sObjects in one Api Call, like Schema Builder

I am building a web tool to get the schema of a particular sObject, or an entire org, and save it as a Json file using the SalesForce Rest API. To do this, I am first getting a list of all the ...
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Data view schema in marketing cloud [closed]

How all data views are connected to each other in salesforce marketing cloud?
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Populate XML with XSD Schema

I was provided an XML schema that (I think) I should be able to utilize to build out the XML string that I need to send to a web service. The two documented items in the Apex Developer Guide talk ...
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A tool to trace field and object references

We want to get rid of an app that has a bunch of objects which are referenced by other cusotm objects in our org. There are tons of references to these objects such as lookup fields in other objects, ...
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Issues with SchemaSpy

I am facing issues with Schemaspy when trying to connect with Production org. Below is the build.xml I am using - <project default="document"> <property name="sf.username" value="I PUT ...
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Match two Sobject field API Names and put the common in a Set

I am trying to pass two Sobject names to a method and match using Schema the Field API Names common in both of them. Like I have Object1 having fields A__c, B__c,X__c. Object2 having fields A__c, ...
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Why note & attachment object is not displayed in schema builder

I am trying to create ER diagram and don't see note & attachment object. Is it just me or these object are really not available on schema builder or are they available with different names?
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How to identify look up relations to an object in Salesforce

I have a custom object and I would like to know which all other objects have look up relations to this one? There are many objects available and I cannot go into each and identify which would have ...
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Alternative to schema builder?

We have a data management group who need to review data structure since they are usually tasked with any historical data conversion/cleanup for any apps that move to Salesforce. They asked for ...
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How to find object relations with the schema builder?

If I have 5 objects that are interrelated. How do i find their relationship (parent to child or child to parent) using the schema builder ? As of now i can see the relationship chart only if i know ...
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Activity table in schema builder

When looking at schema builder we see an object Activity. But when I tried to query it, 'entity type Activity does not support query' error is received. What is the purpose of this table and how is it ...
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Database schema export

Hi we have a date export made from salesforce instance. We'd like to rebuild just the database but we stumbled on process to import the CSV files to a SQL Server database. We have IDE ...
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How to save fields information also related object record Dynamically?

I have one requirement, Actually using below code i save object record in database dynamically. Schema.SObjectType targetType = Schema.getGlobalDescribe().get(strFieldName); SObject myObj = ...
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Uninformative error when trying to delete a custom field in Schema Builder

Was trying to delete a custom field on the User table, in a Developer Pro sandbox and I got this error message. "Unable to complete the requested data change". Any ideas?
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Error while ant build on Developer sandbox : command 'ant pushdev'

I am running in a build issue wile running the command 'ant pushdev' Do I have to change the version number to latest? If yes which are the right places to change the version number? Below is the ...
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why are polymorphic relationships in schema builder represented as lookups?

If you look at activity and what it's connected to via the whatId, it's represented as a lookup. It would seem that polymorphic is closer to MDR. Any idea what's going on there?
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How to find only those Schema.SObjectType types that are visible in the Schema Builder

I can find a map of all String -> Schema.SObjectType types by invoking Schema.getGlobalDescribe(). However, that includes a lot of object types I'm not interested in (like casecomment, ...
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Schema builder not deleting fields as billed

I have tried to delete fields on objects such as Opportunities, as Salesforce has supposedly made it possible to do so in Schema Builder, but when I right click on the field and select 'delete' it ...
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How to Print/Export the schema builder?

I wonder if there is the ability to print / export the schema builder? If so, where can I find? If not, would be a great idea to implement this feature for future releases.
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Printable ERD from Salesforce that you can Edit

I built a solution for a customer and I want to pull the ERD from the Salesforce instance and have the ability to edit it. I know there are a few tools and the Schema builder in Salesforce but none ...
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Copying metadata and code from one Production org to another

How do I copy(for want of a better word) metadata (i.e. Objects, Workflows, Validation rule etc), and code (Apex, Visualforce, Triggers) from one Production org to another production org? Is this ...
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