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Multiple emails are being sent via scheduled email actions from Process builder

Per our requirement, we need to send an email alert 7 days prior to a date field on the Case object. In the criteria we have built a formula to check the record type and if that date is being changed (...
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Does process Builder Scheduled Action recalculates the scheduled time for formula field?

I have custom solution to replace standard Contract expiration Notice (because of need to change email template and different values for days). So I created custom picklist field "Owner Expiration ...
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Salesforce Scheduled Path Flow not allowing to activate

I created a record-triggered flow that fires when the record is created/updated and created a scheduled path with time source as when the record is created/updated showing an error when trying to save ...
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How to cover PAUSE Elements from Process Builder Or Flows?

I have to write a test class for a Process Builder which sends a notification to user at certain time which is equal to a date and time field (scheduled Date and Time)in Opportunity so there is a ...
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Process builder scheduled action: does it fire if the criteria is changed but the record still meets the criteria?

This question is similar to Timebased workflow rule, does it fire if the date is changed? but slightly different as this is referring to a process builder scheduled action. In a Process Builder, if I ...
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Impact New Customers Every hour - Journey Builder

I have one Journey to send emails on Journey Builder and we want to evaluate the New Contacts in every Hour (on that Data Extension that comes from FTP). This is an No-reentry Journey. So is available ...
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How to use Scheduled actions in Process Builder to Invoke a flow after the Criteria evaluates to true

can someone help me with this scenario. I need to send a survey to the closed cases based on the case origin. If the case origin is Facebook the survey should be triggered immediately. If the Case ...
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How can I populate a custom field other than the available ones in Process builder to schedule an action?

I have a requirement where an email has to be fired after 3 days the Applicant's Go_Live_Status__c is set. But the issue is I couldn't see that field in the "Select Date Field" in the scheduled action ...
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Why is Process Builder not creating Pending Scheduled Action in production

I have a process builder that should create a scheduled action to occur in 2 days. It works ok in a sandbox but in production there is nothing listed under 'Paused and Waiting Interviews' even though ...
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Maintain scheduled action after record is updated

I'm using process builder to fire a scheduled action with the following criteria: AND ( TEXT([Opportunity].Status__c) <> "Open", PRIORVALUE([Opportunity].Status__c) = "Open" ) the scheduled ...
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