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Scheduled Action not firing in Process Builder on Create

I've been testing this in a trailhead org to confirm/test behavior within Process Builder. This means there's no other automation/code/trigger on the object I'm testing on. Is it possible to have one ...
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2 answers

Best to avoid Scheduled Actions in Process Builder?

We have been using Process Builder instead of workflow for many years now. But we have been bitten a few times by problems with Scheduled Actions in PB. Specifically, we were just bitten by the ...
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2 scheduled actions from 2 versions of the same process builder

Ok so here is what I have found out. You have version 1 of process, which on record update schedules some action. update the record such that the action has been scheduled from the 1. version clone ...
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Process builder are scheduled actions independent?

I have scheduled actions that run at certain times dependant on a custom field. Based on my scheduled actions, It will wait 30 days and do something. After the 30 days, it will run the next schedule ...
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