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Questions tagged [salesforcesdk]

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Is it that there are alternatives to the security scan salesforce?

I'm wondering if there is some third party alternative or any alternative to the Security Source Code Scanner. I have ask to scan my org 1 week ago and I haven't get an answer yet. I have ...
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Getting field-level security without apex coding in SalesforceMobileSDK

By declaring the Apex Class with sharing keyword, non-admin user can select or edit field-level security. How can i able to do this in mobile application only using SalesforceMobileSDK without ...
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Salesforce Inbox on Salesforce SDK

First of all this action is sent from Push Notification module on Salesforce Dashboard. Second we are using Salesforce SDK for integration to mobile app (Android and iOS). Here is the queries : How ...
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SCIM De-Activate User: Invalid date for Terminate_Date__c

I'm trying to deactivate a user by calling the below salesforce API PUT /services/scim/v1/Users/{uid} { "userName":"[email protected]", "externalId":"[email protected]", "title":"RSM", "active":...
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can't get EmailSendDefinition through its ObjectID

I am trying to get EmailSendDefintion info through its ObjectID which is return by ET_Send log. However, due to some reason, part of the EmailSendDefinition can be retrieved which others are return ...
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salesforce sdk login issue from android

1)Login as user 1 ,logout and login as user 2 i see MainActivity with user 2 data now if i press back button sometimes instead of closing the app it shows the MainActivity with user 1 data. 2)Login ...
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405 Error when Trying to Create Task through Rest API

I am trying to create a Task object through a RestRequest in a Native Android App (RestRequest.getRequestForCreate). The Problem is that I am getting 405 error Method Not Allowed What am I doing ...
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Facing issue in running Hybrid android app - contact explorer salesforce demo app

i have followed the below steps and imported the contact explorer demo app provided in the salesforceSDK. Imported the SalesforceSDK in eclipse Imported the contact explorer app and add the ...
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Remove Header from salesforce sdk in android

I have tried the way Customizing Login Page for Mobile SDK Hybrid Android App but I am not able to remove the header for android. I was able to remove the header for ios. Looking for solution as per ...
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Is it possible to identify when a notification is cleared by the user?

Does SFMC provide any way to know when the user explicitly clears the notification? By sliding it or clicking clear all notifications
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How to use custom navigations between Visualforce page embedded with LWC and local UI components without LWC in Hybrid_lwc app

I have created on project using forcehybrid command for Salesforce hybrid mobile App. It is using Lightening Web Components (LWC) for UI. I want to also use local UIs created via HTML/JS with LWC. How ...
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Retrieving Data from Soup in SmartStore shows error of function not found

I am using SmartStore provided by Salesforce Mobile SDK. At the time of retrieving data from Soup, it is showing error in “buildAllQuerySpec” is not a function. Tried with all other functions like: ...
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