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Can I pull signature of team member from outlook while sending out email from Marketing Cloud?

Thoughts on the below challenge? Can I pull the signature of a team member from Outlook while sending out an email from Marketing Cloud? The components of the signature are the Image (photo), Name, ...
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Salesforce for Outlook 3.4.8 returns System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: Error in IAddrOpenEntry: MAPI_E_UNKNOWN_ENTRYID

since a few days now, all our users reported having sync issues with the Salesforce for Outlook connector. Until today, we used this tool as it's the only one so far able to sync contact details, ...
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Field Mapping for Log an Email with Outlook Integration

1. Created a lightning component with two dependent picklist fields. 2. Added component to the Email Application Pane in the 'Outlook Integration And Lightning Sync ' 3. Created the custom picklist ...
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Event sync failing from Salesforce to Outlook

Hello all we had a problem with Salesforce to outlook event resync I created an event in Salesforce and assigned to outlook contact the event is also displayed in outlook calendar. But when u changed ...
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Outlook integration - what does it mean that "Recurring Events are available in Salesforce Classic only"

The problem is that recurring calendar events created in outlook do not appear in the salesforce calendar (non-recurring events are fine). I found this page which says "Recurring Events are available ...
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Unable to login to salesforce - Lightning to Outlook Sync

Users are unable to login to Salesforce from outlook if these users have a login flow for their profile. Has anyone experience this ? If so, what did you do? Seems like an issue with Salesforce ...
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what is the difference between Salesforce for outlook and lightning for outlook?

I would like to know more about salesforce for outlook and lightning for outlook for salesforce outlook integration. What are the advantages and limitation of both the tools? Please, can anyone help ...