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Creating only single record after loop iterates using flow

Is there are any way where we can create only one record after a loop iteration completes in salesforce via a flow?. Scenario: On Account object there is a field called Active if that field becomes ...
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Salesforce Flow - Email Reminders and Pausing [duplicate]

I have searched the internet for days to find a solution, but cannot. The use case for this flow is for "technical assistance" cases. We currently have a case status field that displays ...
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Flow is going back to first screen after clicking FINISH button on screen component

I have a screen flow that checks for a decision and based on the decision it shows the respective screen. When I select an option, it properly navigates to the next screen. However when I click on ...
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Can we send bell notification and email using flow at the same time

I have a requirement where if any Salesforce user tried to update stage value of an opportunity record not owned by him then I need to send a bell notification as well as a email to that opportunity ...
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Custom Address (Country/Territory): bad value for restricted picklist field

Use Case I have a custom address field on a custom object and I want it to be prefilled with the Shipping of an Account that is a Lookup on the custom object. State and Country/Territory Picklists is ...
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i want to update the field of opportunity on account [closed]

I have a field called close date on opportunity i want to update last close won opportunity date on account custom field ,i Tried using record trigger flow on Account object but still not getting the ...
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Flow - Decision Outcome Still Execute When Condition Does Not Met

I'm using Record-Triggered Flow. First, I use Get Record to fetch Contact. After that, I use Decision with 2 outcomes: Result from Get Record isNull = false (Contact is found) Default outcome(Contact ...
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How do we know in apex whether the context is executed from Flow asynchronous

I have a scenario where I'm inserting a record in future, and there is a flow automation on that object. The flow has an async path which is invoking an apex action. How do I know within that that ...
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Get records created Today in Salesforce Flow's Get Records element

I want to get all the Order records created today in a Salesforce Schedule Triggered Flow . I have created a formula variable as- var = DATETIMEVALUE( TEXT(YEAR(TODAY())) + "-" + TEXT(MONTH(...
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I am implementing a flow with multiple scheduled paths, how do I implement this

The flow has multiple nodes and several scheduled paths, the original process looks like this: and this is how far I have come: I am wondering how to link the paths without affecting actions that ...
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Salesforce flow with multiple scheduled paths with different pre-conditions

I am tasked to migrate an existing Process Builder which has several scheduled actions in it with different conditions/criteria (i.e. scheduled actions on different decision nodes). How would I ...
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