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Restriction rule for administrator certification spring 22

I am trying to maintain my administrator certification spring 22 and in the challenge section I have created a restriction rule as per the instructions, but I can't seem to activate the rule. It gives ...
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Is Description field required in Restriction Rules?

When Restriction Rule is created on UI, it is possible to create it without description. But if you try to retrieve it and deploy to another org, the following error is displayed: Error ...
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Restriction Rule Comparing Record String Formula Field to string value

I have a formula field set up to read the String/Text value of a Formula field on a record for the comparison in a Restriction Rule. When I enable the rule and access a record that should be ...
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How to give user inside specific role accessibility to all activity except from user with the same role

I need to give a user accessibility to all activity except activity that own by other user in the same role What I want is user inside CFO role can see all activity except activity that own from ...
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Error on Activities related list when Restriction Rule is applied

I am encountering issues in activities related list when I applied a restriction rule, user is able to able to open the activities but the related list keeps throwing the error, tried removing the ...
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Restriction rule not working on user alias

I have a custom object that has a picklist field called 'LoS'. The field has 5 different values. I created a restriction rule so one particular user should only view records where the picklist value ...
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Creating Records with restriction rules enforced

I have a RestrictionRule set up on a custom object that compares a number field on said object to a custom number field on the current User ($User) record. The rule operates as expected for existing ...
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How can I restrict a standard picklist so that only existing values can be used?

I will preface my question because I do not know Salesforce well at all. My company upgraded to Salesforce because a consultant recommended it. Nobody knows how to use it correctly; somehow, ...
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Restrict users from different branches from viewing eachothers objects [closed]

We have 2 branches, 1 Canadian and 1 American. We assign a branch to each user on their profiles as well as assign a branch to the object. I want to be able to restrict a Canadian user from seeing an ...
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