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Marking Tasks as private

As part of a new implementation, I've got a requirement to allow users to mark Tasks that they create as 'Private' so that other users in the system don't see these when viewing Accounts and Contacts. ...
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How to give user inside specific role accessibility to all activity except from user with the same role

I need to give a user accessibility to all activity except activity that own by other user in the same role What I want is user inside CFO role can see all activity except activity that own from ...
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Error on Activities related list when Restriction Rule is applied

I am encountering issues in activities related list when I applied a restriction rule, user is able to able to open the activities but the related list keeps throwing the error, tried removing the ...
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Creating Records with restriction rules enforced

I have a RestrictionRule set up on a custom object that compares a number field on said object to a custom number field on the current User ($User) record. The rule operates as expected for existing ...
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How can I restrict a standard picklist so that only existing values can be used?

I will preface my question because I do not know Salesforce well at all. My company upgraded to Salesforce because a consultant recommended it. Nobody knows how to use it correctly; somehow, ...
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