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Restrict field edit access

My org has OWD as Private for opportunities. I have a specific requirement where one user needs to be able to edit 3 custom fields in all opportunities , but not other fields should be editable. No ...
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Can I as a customer of Salesforce choose my preferred partner or reseller to purchase licenses?

Is anybody aware of a restriction that Salesforce put on my to purchase my licenses. So, if my company is based in Europe can Salesforce forbid me to purchase my licenses via a SF partner or reseller ...
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Can I restrict a user with Role 'A' to view cases only with the status (picklist) values : new and open

Case object : private owd Role :A User with Role A should only be able to see the cases with status picklist values: new and open. How can I do this? Is it even possible to restrict users access on ...
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How can I restrict a standard picklist so that only existing values can be used?

I will preface my question because I do not know Salesforce well at all. My company upgraded to Salesforce because a consultant recommended it. Nobody knows how to use it correctly; somehow, ...
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