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How community users display their credibility. Points are awarded based on participation actions.

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NetworkMember trigger not executing when reputation points increase

I'm trying to create a POC for reputation levels / capturing changes in a trigger. I've seen various Salesforce docs that mention this is possible with NetworkMember triggers: NetworkMember object ...
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Adding private domains for sending without additional dedicated IP

Right now we have 1 private domain and 1 dedicated IP (as part of the SAP we purchased while ago). We already did IP warm up using this private domain 3 years ago and have sent large volumes of email ...
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Changing the From Address in SFMC from [email protected] to [email protected]

We are currently using: [email protected] since a long time and our IP reputation has been very good so far (IP is already warmed up) The marketing team wants to change the [email protected] to abc@...
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Email reputation, same domain but different IP's per Business Unis

I have three BU all using the same domain to send mails from. - [email protected] But each BU has its own dedicated IP address. For example: BU1 - BU2 - BU3 - Will ...
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How a non-prod BU affects a Prod BU on reputation/metrics terms?

I received a request from a PO to explain her about how a test could affect the reputation or metrics. I explained that for SFMC probably there's no differences among Business Units (BU) but in terms ...
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How to find the User Reputation Level

Is there a way to directly get the user reputation level using ConnectApi. Right now I am querying the user reputation points and then comparing the points with points required to achieve that level ...
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Query Community Reputation Level Image

Is there any possible way to query Reputation Level(Community) image in Apex. We understood that it is possible via connectedApi, but instead of connectedApi, Is it possible to get it directly by ...
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Sender score and side effects releated to or

I have looked around, however, I can't find accurate information if the Sender Score could be affected if I send hundreds of transactional emails daily to or or any spam ...
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Change the Points Earned in Idea activity in salesforce

In the Ideas Documentation page 13, i have seen the points allocated to ideas activity. i want to change thses points allocated to idea activities. is there any way to change these points.
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How do we change Community Users' reputation points with Apex?

For users in Communities, we want to change their User reputation points with code (Apex). How do I do this?
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