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Recommended way to retrieve large number of records using record IDs returned by getUpdated() call?

I'll start off by describing how I understand the intended use of the getUpdated method. The Salesforce docs recommend using the getUpdated() method from their data replication API to retrieve records ...
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Does Mulesoft automatically handle CDC gap and overflow events?

Does Mulesoft automagically handles Salesforce Change Data Capture (CDC) Gap and Overflow events automagically? It would be nice it that was the case, rather than have to engineer some solution to ...
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Is this possible to replicate a case with 2000+ objects in an org to reproduce an issue which happens only in this case?

Certain SF functionality depends on the number of objects which exist in the target subscriber organization, for example, querying EntityDefinition may or may not fail depending if there are 2001+ ...
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Data Migration - Replication vs Bulk API

I'm curious to understand the pros and cons of the Replication API and the Bulk API When migrating 20 objects with approximately 75MM rows, which would you choose? Why? Which would be fastest? Why?
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How are self referencing formula fields handled using Replication API?

My understanding is that formula fields or rollups are not calculated in the object that is being queried using the Replication API. Is this also the case if the formula field value is calculated from ...
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Change Data Capture vs Platform Events vs Replication API vs Streaming API vs Batch Data Synchronization [closed]

I have a requirement to sync Salesforce data from 2 objects to Datawarehouse and insert/update data from Datawarehouse to Salesforce.We want this data sync to be realtime for this application.Data ...
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Replication run with Full Extract on Salesforce Objects in Einstein Analytics

How long does it take for any changes that has been made on a certain Salesforce fields or records to get replicated by full extract in Einstein Analytics ? After changing a record value in the ...
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UserRecordAccess data dump

My application replicates data from Salesforce to my local disk. Initially, the admin downloads the entire dump. The other users will be able to access the entire dump. However, I wanted to enforce ...
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Object/FieldPermissions objects have field SObjectType, how can values be greater than 40 characters?

I am currently in the process of working on a replication application to pull data down from Salesforce via the Bulk API and push data into an Enterprise Data Warehouse. The schema is pulled for ...
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